QHSE Certificates

All Bayards processes are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001, EN 1090-1&-3, EN 15085-2 and we are able to meet all national and international standards:

Aeronautical codes:

  • ICAO & UK CAA CAP 1264
  • German AVV
  • French DGAC/STAC
  • Australian CAAP
  • US FAA

Eurocodes EN 1090-1, EN 1090-3, EN 15085-2. Welding management ISO 3834-2, Structural design ASCE 7-16 and Aluminum Association Aluminum Design Manual. 


  • UK CAA CAP 437
  • IMO MODU code
  • HSAC RP 2016-1
  • Normam
  • Norsok



QHSE policy

Our policy focuses on continuous improvement of business practices by controlling, managing and improving company processes so that the returns of the organisation, employee satisfaction and client satisfaction increase. One way in which we realise this is through the implementation of an integrated QHSE management system embedded in the company policy. A quality management system focusing on the principle of a client-oriented organisation with a focus on methods to ensure the quality of the processes and guaranteeing the competency of the employees. An OHS management system focuses on systematic preventive attention to working conditions when it comes to safety, health and well-being in the organisation.

Our environment management system focuses on the continuous improvement of environmental performance and prevention of environmental impact on the aspects of the environment that are related to the activities, services and/or products of Bayards. Bayards has the goal of dealing with the environmental aspects with the biggest impact on the environment. The following environmental aspects are our focus points:

▪ Extensive reduction of operational CO2.

▪ Extensive reduction of waste and promoting reuse.

▪ Extensive reduction of energy consumption.

Customised Sustainable Safe Compliant Aluminium Helidecks

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