Optimized outfitting


The Bayards Safedeck™ is our state-of-the-art helicopter landing platform with enhanced, passive fire suppressing performance. It is specially designed to optimally drain any (burning) liquids directly through the perforated deck surface into a drainage system and away from the helideck. This means that the fire is prevented from fully developing and ultimately getting out of control, preventing an open pool fire situation.


Bayards’ can be outfitted with Deck Integrated Fire Fighting Systems (DIFFS). These systems, often just referred to as DIFFS, are active firefighting systems that consist of deck integrated pop-up nozzles, foam skids and activation panels. The DIFFS are delivered according to regulations and requirements, meeting the client's and aviation authorities needs.


All Bayards Helidecks & Helipads are built from planking with our in-house designed profiles. This profile is a proprietary design which combines all the best properties and possibilities the material aluminium has to offer. Our Innovadeck planking is lightweight, without compromising on strength. In addition, it is maintenance-free, thus the perfect helipad planking.


To ensure heliports remain safely operational at night-time, visual aids are of the utmost importance. Bayards Helidecks & Helipads can supply assembly kits or turn-key solutions with Zone 1, Zone 2 or Safe Area lighting such as:

- Perimeter lighting
- Floodlighting
- Illuminated Touchdown / Positioning marking (Circle & H systems)
- Illuminated windsocks
- Control panels
- Walkway lighting


Helidecks or Helipads operated in sub-zero conditions need to be kept free of snow and ice in order to guarantee safe landings and crew changes. To prevent snow and ice buildup, we can equip the helideck landing circle, the piping and access system or even the whole pancake with electrical heat tracing. Because of our in-house developed profiles, the heat tracing can be incorporated into the planking without adding extra profiles – and thus weight – to the structure.


Bayards does not only design, engineer, manufacture and install safe helicopter landing platforms, but helicopter parking areas too. These parking areas can be added as extensions to already existing helipads, or designed for yet to be built helicopter landing platforms.


In addition to fully outfitted helipads and parking areas, Bayards also offers aluminium support structures for helicopter landing platforms. These lightweight but strong structures are completely bolted, prefabricated assembly kits, just like the helipad ‘pancake’. Therefore, no additional welding is required on-site, which allows a quick and easy installation. Since they are lightweight and easy to install, our support structures are the optimal solution for retrofits on existing buildings with limited capacity for additional loads.


All Bayards Helidecks & Helipads can be equipped with operational support equipment such as staircases, walkways and stretcher ramps. These access systems provide quick and safe access to the helicopter landing platform, no matter where the platform is located on or near the building.


Aluminium structures are lightweight, maintenance-free, durable and therefore extremely cost-effective. Hence, aluminium is the preferred material to use when developing not just helidecks but also helicopter hangars, living quarters, stair towers, flex barriers, gangways and link bridges.