A challenging environment, one solution

Weight limitations and high maintenance costs are the two main challenges the offshore industry is facing today. It is essential that offshore structures are high in strength but are low in weight and require minimal maintenance. Bayards designs, engineers, fabricates and installs helidecks for any type of vessel and platform. A helideck assembly kit can be delivered to the client’s yard

anywhere in the world and thereafter assembled by a local workforce under Bayards’ supervision. Alternatively, we can assemble the helideck at Bayards’ production facilities and deliver it turn-key. Bayards’ designs are approved by DNV, BV, ABS and LRS and the helidecks are compliant with international standards, such as CAP 437, ICAO, NMD, NORMAM 27 and NORSOK.

Partner up with Bayards

We do what we know best, which is designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing aluminium helidecks. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to provide our clients with innovative solutions. They can always rely on our highly skilled team who will go the extra mile to deliver 

solutions that meet the highest standards. Thanks to our in-house cutting edge technology, we are constantly pioneering the development of aluminium structures. As a result, for the past 4 decades, we have worked on major offshore projects around the globe. 

Our mission

To be your reliable partner for delivering helidecks that meet the  highest quality and safety standards in the offshore industry

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Towards a sustainable future

At Bayards, we believe aluminium is the future. The material has already proven its superb properties in many ways - it is lightweight, strong, durable, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant - and it is taking over the Offshore Industry.

In the next few years, the use of aluminium will only increase, because aluminium is perfect for the demanding and harsh offshore environment. A highly durable metal, aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be recycled again and again without degrading its inherent value. 


Is for our helidecks to be the golden standard in the Industry

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