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Bayards’ rooftop helipads can be installed on any building, whether it is new or existing, low or high rise. No additional structural reinforcements are required due to the lightweight of aluminium. Bayards’ helipads are maintenance-free and can be supplied with 

stretcher ramps, walkways and staircases. The proposed operational support equipment, such as fire-fighting, lighting systems and heat tracing, is always configured in accordance with the latest safety regulations and the highest quality standards. 

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Urban rooftops

Besides the engineering flexibility that aluminium offers, aluminium enables us to create structures that are up to 60% lighter than their steel equivalents. As a result of saving weight, it is possible to install our helipads on virtually any existing building, 

without additional structural reinforcements. And because the material is entirely maintenance-free, aluminium is the perfect solution for rooftop helipads. Anywhere in the world, at any height and on any building. 

Our mission

Be your local partner in finding the best solution for your hospital helicopter accessibility, by designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing the optimal turn-key helipad.

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Elevated platforms

Whenever it is not convenient to install the helipad on the roof, for example, because the hospital’s emergency room is located elsewhere, we offer alternative solutions. One of these solutions is our elevated helipads. Constructed on ground level, this type of helicopter landing platform is anywhere between 2 and 

3 meters high, offering the possibility to create a covered car park underneath, thus saving space. Bayards designs, engineers, manufactures and installs both the support structure and the actual elevated helicopter landing platform according to the client’s specifications. 


Improve hospital helicopter accessibility worldwide, by providing the optimal turn-key helipads

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Ground helipads

Helipads located on the ground level are also part of our portfolio. If the client does not want to opt for a rooftop or elevated helipad or in case the surroundings are not suitable (mountain areas) for it, we can also deliver the most advanced ground helipads. 

These types of helipads consist of our signature planking system and can be manufactured with all the desired outfitting, such as active and passive firefighting systems, heat tracing and lighting. 24/7, year-round operational helipads regardless of location, altitude or temperatures.