Bayards Helidecks is our division that is dedicated to onshore helipads for hospitals and office buildings and offshore helidecks for offshore platforms and vessels. Due to the lightweight property of aluminium, we can develop helipads and helidecks that are up to 50% lighter than the more common, high-maintenance steel helipads. It is possible to install 

our helipads on any existing structure without structural reinforcements. In addition, our heliports are seawater resistant and resistant to the urban environment, which means that they have an extremely long lifespan without the need for an expensive maintenance plan. Bayards Helidecks has offices all over the world to offer our clients the best possible service. 

Bayards Offshore Helidecks

We are proud to say that designing and building aluminium helidecks for the Offshore industry is one of the specialisations of Bayards. With an experience of over 40 years and over 700 helidecks supplied to Oil & Gas and Wind Energy Industries, Bayards Helidecks is a full-service contractor on a turnkey contract basis. As an aluminium specialist, our goal is to develop light safe and cost-effective structures and products. Our helidecks are outfitted with firefighting equipment, lighting systems, heat tracing and maintenance-free safety netting for optimal safety and installed for any platform or vessel, We offer complete solutions for all our products:

Design and engineering


(Pre) fabrication

Transport Installation and commissioning on-site

Worldwide delivery

Projects Outfitting

Creativity in Engineering

Engineering is at the core of what we do. We work with a large, dedicated group of highly skilled engineers from all over the world, who specialise in aluminium. To maintain our top position in the industry, we continuously invest in the most advanced engineering software, such as Tekla and STAAD. 

The beneficial properties of aluminium are always the starting point. Our forward-thinking engineers use this innovative software to develop the best solution for each client. In this process, all project requirements, rules and regulations, environmental conditions, installation sequence and lifecycle aspects, are taken into account. 

Bayards Hospital Helipads

The use of a helicopter for medical purposes has long ceased being a novelty. Transporting critically ill patients between specialised hospitals is increasingly done by helicopter. The HEMS helicopter brings the specialists to the patient and ensures safe and quick transport over large distances. Moreover, HEMS ensures that more is possible in a trauma situation. With emergency help, every second counts, both outside and inside the hospital. Today, installing a helicopter platform in combination with direct access to the emergency care departments is feasible for every hospital, whether an existing hospital or a new building project, due to our optimised helipad solutions. We deliver complete helipads and support with decision-making regarding patient logistics, accessibility, and the positioning of the helipad. In doing so, we offer our clients a total and complete concept.

Projects Outfitting

from design to instalation

No matter the client’s requirements, we are always able to provide innovative and cost-efficient landing platforms. By working in close cooperation with the client or the architect, preferably during the initial (feasibility) design phase, we are able to effortlessly 

incorporate all design requirements. Off course, the latest design standards, rules and regulations are always taken into account. The aluminium helipad components are manufactured at Bayards’ high tech production facilities. Early involvement leads to optimal results.


Onshore or Offshore

Early involvement leads to optimal results

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